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Auto Ashtray... FAQ
Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Universal Auto Ashtray and the Universal Car Lighter. If your concerns or questions are not answered please contact us by filling out the form.

1. Does the AutoAshtray Fit in My Car?
We have tested the AutoAshtray on many models and makes of vehicles. We believe our AutoAshtray is "Universal" because we have yet to try it on an automobile vehicle with a cup holder that it does not work on.

2. What is Your Refund Policy?
If the universal car ashtray does not fit in your car or you don't like the product, you must ship it back to us at your own expense. You will be refunded for the entire price minus the shipping.

3. How Big Is The Auto Ashtray? 
The Auto Ashtray is about 9cm in diameter at the largest point. The inner ash receiver area is about 6cm deep.

4. How Much Ash Can It Hold?
The AutoAshtray can hold about 200 milliliters of Ashes. 

5. I Smoke Cigars Can Auto Ashtray Hold It?
YES!! The Auto Ashtray has such a deep inner cup it can hold cigars. It also has clips to hold various sizes of cigarettes including 100s, thins, and thicker cigarettes common in the Eastern nations.

6. Are Your Products Fire Safe? Yes. The AutoAshtray is made of fire retardant material and unless you hold it over a high temperature flame for an extended amount of time, it will not show any burn marks or ignite into a fire. Cigarette cherries cannot burn the AutoAshtray. Overtime wear marks do occur. With our Car Lighter, it is designed to OEM safety standards.

7. What About Shipping? How Much? How Long? Our shipping costs are $7.00 for one ashtray and $8.00 for 2 AutoAshtrays. Shipments should not take any longer than two weeks to arrive at your doorstep, however, I would anticipate them earlier then that. WE ONLY SHIP TO THE USA and CANADA for now.

8. What Are My Payment Options? You can pay through our web sites. It is 100% secure. PayPal Processes our orders. You CAN use any major credit card, Visa, MasterCard, Amex and even debit and echecks, and of course PayPal are all accepted. All payments for through our parent company, Axiom Group Inc.

9. I don't have a paypal account can I still order? Of course you can! PayPal processes your order, but you don't need an account. You can use any major credit card, Visa, MasterCard, Amex and even debit and echecks, and of course PayPal are all accepted. Just click the continue link that says "Don't have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account (where available)."

10. I Have Additional Comments and Questions.... Inquire below Contact Email

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