Universal Car & Automobile Ashtray

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The Auto Ashtray... that fits!
Not only does the AutoAshtray™ fit any vehicle with a cup holder it also has many applications and features that other car ashtrays simply don't have. It fits and it works great! AutoAshtray™ - The Universal Car & Automobile Ashtray that fits into any automobile cupholder. With AutoAshtray's patent pending rubber flanges helps it sit snug in any cup holder you place it in.  Guaranteed to Fit Or You Money Back!

The AutoAshtray in Various Cup Holders

The Auto Ashtray has a great, modern, clean and sleek look to it but it is practical too! It can also hold up to 200ml of ashes! The lid seals off well to not allow ashes to float around the car and it also help curb odors. Below are some photos illustrating the many features of the Auto Ashtray.

The AutoAshtray General Look,  Dimensions & Other Features

The Auto Ashtray Has a convenient lid that seals odors & avoids having ashes fall all over the car.

The rubber 
stopper that allows the lid to snap shut quietly and safely

Circle to extinguish your smoke and PUT BUTTS out safely!

Holds Cigarettes of All Shapes and Sizes. It even can hold cigars! 

It can also hold your change, pens and other small items. You can even close the lid to hid your change!

East to Wash! 
Also it is fire retardant. It is
100% Safe and it won't burn!

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Finally Something GOOD NEWS for Smokers!

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